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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 14. HitchhikerI was driving home from a late class, and it was raining cats and dogs. Up
ahead, I saw a guy walking along the side of the road, and he was drenched.
I normally don't pick up hitchhikers, but I felt sorry for the guy, and
stopped. He got in the car, and was soaked to the bone. He looked like he
was in his mid 20s. He said he was on his way to visit a friend and his car
broke down and he was hitching a ride to a motel for the night. I told him
I could drop him off in town, or if he wanted, he could come back to my
place. He didn't want to be any trouble, but I said it was fine, so he came
back with me. When we got in my trailer, I got him a towel and told him to
get out of his wet clothes. He gave me his wet things, and I hung them up
in the shower to dry. We put on the TV and I got him a warm cup of tea.As we sat there, I couldnt help but notice his dark hairy legs. I tried to
look up the towel but coudnt see. I asked him if he came this way often,and
he said he was up visiting from out of state. As he relaxed, I he spread
his legs a bit wider, and I could see the tip of his cock up the towel. I
asked if he wanted to take a shower, but he said he had enough water for one
day. I told him I lived there alone, and it was nice having someone to talk
to once in a while. He noticed I was looking up his towel, but didnt say
anything. He also didn't close his legs. He started to scratch his inner
thighs a bit, and said that he couldnt believe how cold his thighs were,
and asked if I wanted to see for myself. I put my hand near his knee and
felt up a few inches, and they really were cold. He said my hands were nice
and warm and purred to my touch. I moved my hands up his thighs a bit, and
I could see something stirring in the towel. I started to move up and down
his thighs slowly, telling him I was trying to get him warmed up. The
towel fell to the side, and he spread his legs wide for me. He had a very
thick dark bush, and a big hard cock and balls. I told him he had a really
nice cock there. He thanked me and said he appreciated me warming him up.As he lay there with his legs spread wide, I ran my hands along his balls
and up and down his cock. He moaned, and told me how good it felt. I
started stroking him and feeling him all over. I buried my face in his
pubes, which were heavily scented with his balls sweat. I sucked on his
balls one at a time and then took his cock head in my mouth. HE told me how
good it felt, and not to stop. I took more and more of his cock in my
mouth, until his cock was down my throat and his pubes were in my face. He
was moaning loudly, then he stopped me, and had me get off him. I asked if
everything was ok. He said it was the best BJ he ever had, but he never was
sucked by a guy before and was worried about what would come next. I asked
what he thought would come baby lolitas nude pics
next, and he said he had a strong desire to see
me naked. I said that was no problem, and I took off my clothes. He
started feeling me all over, and sucking my tits. WHile he sucked my tits
he slid his hand between my legs, and started fingering my ass with his
index finger. Soon it was joined by another finger, and he said he really
wanted to fuck me. As he fingered me, I told him I really wanted baby lolitas nude pics him loli bbs preteen tits to
fuck me. He said he wanted to fuck me but he didnt want to be gay. I told
him him he wouldnt be gay if he fucked me, he would just be getting off. I
told him i'd been fucked by straight guys before, and that seemed to
reassure him. He got a third finger in me, and was stretching my hole. I
sucked his cock some more, and licked from his balls to his ass. I got
some lube and coated his cock and my ass, and he had me get on all fours.
He got behind me and started pushing his cock head in and out of me, then
slid his long shaft into me. flat chested lolita pics I could feel his pubes brushing agaoinst my
ass. I squeezed my ass around his hard cock as he thrust harder and faster
into me. He slapped my ass as he fucked me harder. I could smell his
aroma as he repeatedly thrust himself into me. He reached around and
stroked my cock as he fucked me, then he handled my tits roughly. I felt
him starting to tense up, and I clamped down on his cock with my ass. I
could feel it throbbing and then shooting his hot load deep inside me. He
said my ass was the best pussy he ever had. we lay in bed quite a while,
and I offered to do anything he wanted. The rain had stopped and he petite lolitas 101 xxx said
he needed to get going. He got dressed and I drove him into town. I never
saw him again
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